Nepal is a diverse country and home to many religions, race, tribes, and cultures. The country with 101 ethnic groups has many (more than 99) languages and ethnicity.

Why you are interested visiting in Nepal? Because Nepal is one of the richest countries in terms of biodiversity. The country that lies between India and China has a lot of things to give to its travelers. Although it is a small and economically backward but in terms of nature, culture, heritages, mountains, art, and architecture, ancient histories, it is richer.

With over 6000 peaks which all are above 5000 meters including Mt. Everest, that gives the Prospective panoramic views, The Heritage sites, and so forth, Nepal is popular as trekking and outdoors activities destination in the world. Some of the reasons behind the popularity of trekking activities in Nepal

Mountaineering in Nepal
Mountaineering in Nepal

Eight of the world’s tallest mountains

There are 14 highest mountains in the world which are above 8000m, among them, 8 of the highest peak above 8000 meter lies in Nepal. The World’s tallest peak Mt. Everest (8848m) is situated in Nepal. Similarly, Kanchenjunga (8586m), Lhotse (8516m), Makalu (8481m), Cho you (8201m), Dhaulagiri I (8167m), Manaslu (8156m) and Annapurna I (8091m) are other eight-thousanders of the world that are located in Nepal. Not only are the peaks above 8000m but also 1,310 peaks above 6000 meters are lies in Nepal. Till date, Nepal’s Department of Tourism has opened up 414 mountains to climbing, with 104 added in 2014. All mountains are require climbing permits, costing from $250 for peaks to $11,000 for an Mt. Everest Expedition during peak season. Due to the existence of such beautiful peaks, people from around the world visits Nepal for mountaineering, expedition and peak climbing. However, it is not an easy task to climb mountains. It needs at least some mountaineer technique and preparation. But one can get close to those peaks by doing Trekking in Nepal.

 World Heritage Sites of Nepal

Heritage site in Nepal
Heritage site in Nepal

The heritage sites that belong to all the people around the world are enlisted as World heritage sites by the UN governing body UNESCO. Nepal is the home for 10 of the world heritage site in the world. Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square,  Patan Durbar Square, Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Changunarayan, Lumbini, Chitwan National Park, Sagarmatha National Park, are those 10 world heritage sites are enlisted in the list. Some of the historical sites and old monument has got damaged due to the disastrous earthquake 2015 but they all are almost completed after renovated and open for the travelers.
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Culture prospective of Nepal.

Nepal is a multi-ethnic and multicultural and diverse ethnic traditions, Culture and tradition in Nepal are distinct and differs from place to place. The culture in Nepal shows the way of manners, dress, language, rituals, norms, behavior and belief of people living here. Moreover, life, food, clothing, and even occupations are guided by the culture in Nepalese society. Which could attract tourists from every corner of the world! The country holds maximum opportunities for the development of cultural tourism but it is way behind due to the lack of sufficient resources. But we are taking the part of Cultural tourism of Nepal to a new height.

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Festivals in Nepal.

Festival In Nepal
Festival In Nepal

Due to many cases, culture, and religions in Nepal there are many festivals that are celebrated by different people from different regions having different religions, culture in their distinct style. Dashain and Tihar is the main festival of Nepal that is celebrated by almost all Nepalese. Besides,Haritalika Teej, Holi (The Color Festival), Chhat, Lhosar (Tibetan New Year), Janai Purnima, Gai Jatra, Ghodey Jatra, Krishna Janmashtami, Shivaratri, Shree Panchami, Ram Nawomi, Mani Rimdu Festival, Tiji Festival, Futuk Festival, Buddha Jayanti, or the birth anniversary of Lord Buddha, and many other festivals are celebrated in Nepal.

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 The people of Nepal.

Nepal is a diverse country and home to many religions, race, tribes, and cultures. The country with 101 ethnic groups has many (more than 99) languages and ethnicity. All of them have their own and distinct culture and way of living. It is said that Nepalese are the friendliest people you will ever encounter. Once a person begins to know the place and its people, he is no longer a stranger. They are a valued guest, and guests are considered Gods in Nepal.

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