Climate in Nepal

Climate in Nepal

Climate: Owing to its varied topography, the country has diverse climatic conditions. It is generally cold in the mountainous region, mild weather in the hills and warm in the plains

Average Temperatures in Nepal (Degree Celsius)

Sep      Oct      Nov     Dec      Jan       Feb      Mar      Apr      May

Kathmandu     16/28   14/26   7/22    1/20     1/18     4/20     7/25     12/28   16/30

1000 m            20/28   16/25   11/22   6/20     5/19     8/20     11/25   15/29   17/30

2000 m            13/22   10/21   4/17     1/14     0/13     1/14     4/18     8/22     12/23

3000 m            11/19   6/18     1/15     -2/13    -3/12    -1/13   2/16     5/19     8/20

4000 m            1/13     -3/12    -8/8      -10/6    -12/4    -10/5    -6/9      -3/12   -1/13

5000 m            -1/10    -6/8      -11/6    -13/4    -18/3    -14/5    -8/7      -4/11    -2/12


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What would be the Permits cost doing trekking in Nepal? Trekkers in Nepal are allowed to trek as free individual trekkers (FIT) or group trek Means joining with registered trekking Company and having at least one supporter staff. However, there is any trekking destination in Nepal and some of them are under ‘Restricted Areas’ that […]